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The Town of Sumner's administrative office serves as the first line of contact for Sumner residents by offering a variety of services to it's community. 

          Sherry Sullivan                                               Susan Strout

         Town Clerk                                                      Deputy Town Clerk
         633 Main Street                                               633 Main Street
         Sumner, ME 04292                                       
  Sumner, ME 04292

         (207) 388 - 2866                                               (207) 388 - 2866

Administrative Office Functions

The services performed in this office are the following:

  • Excising and registering of motor vehicles, ATVs, snowmobiles, and boats;

  • Issuing of hunting and fishing licenses,

  • Issuing of dog licenses;

  • Maintenance of all vital records of the town by registering, filing and providing copies;

  • Administration of elections;

  • Voter registration and maintenance of the voting list;

  • Custodian for all official town records;

  • Issuance of most licenses issued by the Town;

  • Maintenance of a file of burials for the Town;

  • Input and maintain a records management system for scanning storage and retrieval of Town records;

  • Administration of the Records Retention Center, including records destruction;

  • Notary services;

  • Supplying the citizens with copies of public records and ordinances.


Notary services are free to Sumner residents. Please provide a valid I.D.

Copies & Faxes can be made at the Sumner Town Office. Please inquire for more details and information regarding price per page.

For additional questions or more information regarding administrative office functions and services, please contact the Sumner Town Office

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