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Changes & Upcoming FYIs

-Please be advised that the Town of Sumner Select Board AND Planning Board meetings will now start at 6:00 pm on Tuesdays.

If you would like to voice your comments and concerns, please feel free to join a meeting. We encourage resident participation. If you cannot make the meeting, minutes will be uploaded to the town website. Please follow the link for minutes. Note that minutes will not be posted until APPROVED at the following meeting.

-Notice to bid town acquired properties will be posted to the website. Keep an eye out for these and if you would like additional information, please email

-The final date to bid on the Fire Department Truck is August 23rd at noon time. If you would like to submit a bid, please send directly to the town office.

I hope everyone is enjoying the summer.

Take care and talk soon.

Thank you,

Town of Sumner

633 Main Street,

Sumner, ME 04292

P: (207) 388-2866

F: (207) 388-2862


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