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Sumner Benefiting from Broadband

Updated: Mar 23, 2021

How Will Our Community Benefit From Broadband Internet?

Receiving the Grant...

GWI, a Maine-based Internet Service Provider has received grant money to help build out broadband internet in several rural Maine communities. However, in order to better pinpoint areas that are most in need, it would be helpful to complete a speed test through the Maine Broadband Coalition. Data from your speed test can also potentially help to secure more funding for the fiber buildout. You can take the speed test here. You can also track the progress of speed tests throughout the state by visiting MBC’s interactive map. In addition to viewing statewide results, the map breaks down speed tests by Internet Service Provider if you hover over that ISP in the list. It also includes a handy legend to help you decipher what the speeds are in each region.

Take the SPEED Test...

If you would like more information about the speed test itself you can visit:

the Maine Broadband Coalition’s information page.

Visit the Broadband Committee Information Page for further details.

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