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Ride Legal, ME ATV & Boating Laws

Riding an ATV is an exciting way to explore the beautiful State of Maine. But Maine’s thousands of miles of ATV trails across the state wouldn’t be possible without dedicated ATV clubs and the generosity of private landowners – 80 percent of the state-supported ATV trail system resides on private land.

Do your part to keep Maine’s ATV trails open for generations to come:

  • Stay on marked ATV trails. ATV trails have green and white signs. Not all snowmobile trails are ATV trails.

  • Respect closed trail signs.

  • Never drink and ride.

  • Drive to the right and at an appropriate speed.

  • Tread lightly – Don’t tear up the trail!

  • Remember that modified exhausts are illegal.

  • Be respectful on ATV access routes – Yield to all traffic and never pass a vehicle.

  • Register your ATV. It is required and helps pay for trail maintenance and support.

  • Support a local ATV club by donating your time and/or money.

Know the laws before you go. 20-MDIFW-28-ATV-Snowmobile-2020-21.pdf (

There is beauty to be seen on and off land and boating is a great way to explore some of Maine's lakes. Sail in style while following Maine's boating laws and regulations for maximum safety this Summer!

Know the laws before you go. Maine-boating-laws.pdf


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