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General Assistance

The General Assistance Program provides Sumner residents with assistance for basic needs such as rent ,food, non-food, medication, fuel, utilities, and other essential services. The program is funded by local property taxes with a fifty percent reimbursement from the state.


Persons who wish to apply for General Assistance may do so at the Sumner Town Office. In an emergency, applicants may contact the General Assistance Administrator directly. All consultations and applications are confidential. 


          General Assistance Administrator

          633 Main Street
          Sumner, ME 04292

          (207) 388 - 2866


The municipality’s General Assistance administrator must issue a written decision regarding eligibility to all applicants within 24 hours of receiving an application. The Department of Health & Human Services toll-free telephone number, to call with a question regarding the General Assistance Program, is 1-800-442-6003.

          General Assistance Application

          Emergency Assistance Application

For additional questions or more information regarding general assistance, please contact the Sumner Town Office

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