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The Town of Sumner's administrative office serves as the first line of contact for Sumner residents by offering a variety of services to it's community. 

Town Clerk
633 Main Street
Sumner, ME 04292

(207) 388 - 2866

Administrative Office Functions

The services performed in this office are the following:

  • Excising and registering of motor vehicles, ATVs, snowmobiles, and boats;

  • Issuing of hunting and fishing licenses,

  • Issuing of dog licenses;

  • Maintenance of all vital records of the town by registering, filing and providing copies;

  • Administration of elections;

  • Voter registration and maintenance of the voting list;

  • Custodian for all official town records;

  • Issuance of most licenses issued by the Town;

  • Maintenance of a file of burials for the Town;

  • Input and maintain a records management system for scanning storage and retrieval of Town records;

  • Administration of the Records Retention Center, including records destruction;

  • Notary services;

  • Supplying the citizens with copies of public records and ordinances.


Notary services are free to Sumner residents. Please provide a valid I.D.

Copies & Faxes can be made at the Sumner Town Office. Please inquire for more details and information regarding price per page.


For information regarding tax payments & assessments, please see Tax Collection & Assessments

For additional questions or more information regarding administrative office functions and services, please contact the Sumner Town Office

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