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Throwing Caps

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Scholarship Committee

The Sumner Bicentennial Scholarship Fund was established by the Bicentennial Committee in recognition of the past 200 years of community life and as commitment to the future of Sumner. Initially funded by Bicentennial Celebration proceeds, the Fund will provide financial assistance to individual citizens of Sumner who wish to further their education or training.

The Scholarship Committee shall seek to promote the growth of the fund through fundraising activities and additional gifts and donations. Gifts shall be considered as principal. 

  Committee Members:


  D. Lee Berry

  Deb Litchfield

  Elizabeth Maddaus 

  Mark Silber

If you would like to volunteer to assist with the Scholarship Fund Bottle Drive, please contact the Sumner Town Office for more information.

Scholarship Applicants

Applications can be obtained at any time by contacting the Sumner Town Office or by downloading the application online and submitting at the office or through mail. 


Eligible Applicants are those who have been a Sumner resident for one year or more. Two written references are required with application. Applicants may be interviewed by at least three Scholarship Committee members. All awards will be made annually.

For additional questions or more information regarding the Scholarship Fund and Committee, please contact the Sumner Town Office

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