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Permit & Licensing Resources: 

  • Driveway Permit Application can be obtained at the Sumner Town Office.




Additional Resources:


Highway Department

The Town of Sumner Highway Department services 48 miles of roads within the Town. The Highway Department provides a variety of services which include road repair and upkeep, culvert repair and replacement, maintenance, sign installation and repair. The Highway Department serves as a liaison to local, state and federal agencies on issues related to highway and road improvements. 


To obtain a Driveway Permit, which is required for any entrance to a town way, please contact the Sumner Town Office. A $50 fee will be collected upon application submission.

          Shawn Corson
          Sumner Road Commissioner
          633 Main Street

          Sumner, ME 04292

          (207)  890 - 7394

Winter Roads & Snowplowing

The Town of Sumner asks you to remove any obstructions from the road which would inhibit snowplowing operations. 

Please take a moment to review your property and see if you have anything in the way, such as rocks, fences, signs, woodpiles, etc. Your help to remove obstructions will make our snow removal operations more efficient, and make our roads safer to drive and walk on.

For additional questions or more information regarding the highway department functions and services, please contact the Sumner Town Office


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